Who we are

Akebo aims to empower teenage mothers from poor families in Nyamata, Rwanda with access to high-value markets to sell their hand-woven creations.

We work with our social innovation partners; Holistic Life Organization, as a commercial outlet. All the products featured in our shop were made by teenage mothers after a vocational program were they took basket weaving classes.

The program aims to prepare teenage mothers with social and economic challenges to succeed on the job market
through a holistic approach to education that offers vocational skills training, career guidance and emotional wellbeing support

Our Social Innovation Partner

Holistic Life Organization is a Rwandan-based NGO that seeks to equip teenage mothers with valuable vocational skills, offer mental health support and provide career advancement services to improve their livelihoods and break the poverty cycle in the community.

In September 2020, Holistic Life Organization won the Resolution Social Venture Challenge at the Mastercard Foundation’s 2020 Virtual Baobab Summit and received a $7500 grant with a fellowship at the Resolution Project. In just one year.

The organization has impacted has impacted 50 teenage mothers whose lives have been wholly transformed economically, socially and psychologically.